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Top 10 Reasons to Buy a PS5

The gaming community has been abuzz with news of Sony’s latest console, the PS5. The generational leap for this console was expected to be significantly greater than that of its predecessor, the PS4. Despite a shaky launch and initially limited stock, the PS5 garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics across the globe. Without further ado, lets get to it; what makes the PS5 such a good console?

1: Performance

The PS5 is a big leap forward from previous gen consoles when it comes to processor technology and software optimization. Powered by a 3.5 GHz AMD Zen 2 processor and backed by a massive 16 GB RAM, it will run even the most demanding games flawlessly at high framerates. With new software optimizations and adjustable graphics settings, you can choose to run games in performance mode, advertised to render up to 120 frames per second. This allows fluidity of a kind never before seen in a console.

2: Storage

Arguably the single piece of hardware that has caught the attention of tech reviewers worldwide is the new in-built Solid State Drive (SSD). Compared to regular Hard Disk Drives, SSDs allow for rapid data transfer, an essential for booting up the system and games almost instantaneously. The 825 GB of memory is more than enough to store all your games, movies, music, and webpages with ample room to spare. For the hardcore gamer with even larger game libraries, expandable storage allows for another SSD to be installed in an empty internal memory slot. It is also possible to connect to an external drive via USB.

3: Cost

You no longer have to break the bank for a thousand-dollar gaming PC to experience the latest generation of gaming. At $499 the base model of the PS5 gives excellent bang for buck. If you don’t fancy a blu-ray player, you can opt for the digital version for an even lower cost of $399, which is an absolute steal considering the device’s internals. Coupled with exclusive offers and promotions in the PlayStation Store, the console is sure to be light on your pocket both upfront and in the long run.

4: Support up to 8k resolution

Gone are the days of 1080p gaming being the pinnacle of high-definition gaming visuals. With the advent of 4k TVs, gamers’ demands and expectations have skyrocketed to new peaks, and the PS5 has delivered. With a custom RDNA2 graphics processor that supports 4k120fps and 8k60fps resolutions, you can rest assured knowing the console is future proof.

5: Ray tracing

An energizing new feature that defines the new era of gaming, ray tracing is a must-have for gamers seeking true immersion in their fantasy worlds. This feature enables textures to be “lit” by rays from in-game light sources, rather than be artificially brightened. This allows the environment to blend much more intricately, with reflections, particles and shadows more vividly pronounced. The end result is a very realistic viewing experience at the expense of a few frames per second.

6: DualSense controller

A major overhaul was seen in the controller department too. While the DualShock and all its iterations have held sentimental value with PlayStation gamers since the late 90s, the direction Sony decided to take with the new DualSense controller was welcomed with open arms. It features a larger body with black and white accents that match the console design, a bigger battery, and a mute button. The highlights though, are the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Each of the buttons has the ability to change its resistance depending on certain game mechanics, like driving a car or pulling a trigger. An in-built mic allows clear and seamless communication with your teammates without the need for clunky headphones.

7: Backwards compatibility

Chanced across a used PS4 game in a thrift shop going for cheap? Wondering what to do with your old collection of games you didn’t feel like selling with the old console? The PS5 has you covered! A feature that has been present in Sony’s earlier consoles (and sorely missed in the PS4) makes a return. Backwards compatibility enables users to play games from previous generations, saving the hassle of having to hook up two different consoles to the TV.

8: Design

While it’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, to say the PS5 is a sight to behold would be an understatement. It is significantly larger than any console that has graced the market in modern times, allowing for more cooling fans and better airflow. The design looks like an object out of a sci-fi flick, with a black body “floating” between two white plates. A subtle lighting effect is present in between, emitting a soft glow when the console is switched on. Placed in your living room, it is sure to turn heads of both those who know what a PS5 is and those who don’t.

9: User interface

Sony has revamped the whole user interface, while also bringing back tried and tested features. You can now control various in-game features like difficulty, hints and controls from the consoles own UI menus, saving you the hassle of having to change your preferences manually every time. Social features, friends and media apps make a return, enabled with a speech to text function that eliminates the need for that annoying D-pad keyboard.

10: Audio and headphones

The PS5 comes with 3D Tempest Audio, Sony’s own version of spatial audio. Though currently compatible with any wireless headset, it will soon be available for use on home speakers too. The settings allow adjustment of the intensity of the sound and 3D effects, ensuring perfect audio production for every person’s ears. For best results, the PlayStation Pulse 3D wireless headset (sold as a separate accessory) is recommended for use with Tempest Audio.

With all the exciting new features on offer, it would be an understatement to say that the PS5 has lived up to the hype. The hardware, software, features and cost are all massive upgrades to outgoing models, making the PS5 a well-rounded console perfectly suited for casual as well as hardcore gamers of all ages.